Tableau Vivant Production met à votre disposition sur ce site :
      • Presentations : A presentation of Tableau Production and of the site.
        • Activities : Descriction of the life of Tableau Production.
        • Références : not exhaustive List of our past activities.
      • Services(performances) : A presentation of the various spectacles proposed by Tableau :
        • Passkey : mobile Painter - clown, it(he) transforms allentours faces.
        • Animatête : The artist transforms people who appear at him.
        • Color Point : Studios(workshops) free of creation of expression artist.
        • Vivact : spectacular Vehicle which difuse colours during the big events.
        • Body painting : Any artistic realizations on body in demonstration.
        • Alive statue : Surprising "bare" comedian was dressed in gold, in marble or in stone...
        • Studio : Our paintings realized in studio become images for the advertisement, the cinema and the publishing(edition...
        • Feline Night Shows : The public lot(fate) its claws and becomes cat, tiger, panterre, leopard...
        • Fluo Night Shows : Painting and black light illuminate nights.
        • Ephemeral Tattoo : ephemeral tattoo with a game of several colors.
        • Make up your Dreams : night-Animatête was intended for the adults, was finished the sad appearances !
      • Understand : An approach of the painting make-up ( Body Painting) :
        • Preface : Diakonoff's text.
        • Initiation : Of the physical painting in the painting - make-up.
        • Anecdote : conditions not always ideal...
      • Learn : to learn the painting - make-up :
        • trainings : Information on the trainings Tableau Vivant Production.
        • Technique : councils, methods and examples...
      • Materiel : A description of products used as well as technical advices of use.
        • Fardel : The professional games of products FARDEL.
        • Tableau Vivant Art : Our own games of products professionals TABLEAU VIVANT ART.
      • Contact : Our selection of the interesting sites to be visited traitants of this physical art.


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